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A Slice of the Pie

I love pies.  Sweet or Savory.  I anticipate the pumpkin pie served at Thanksgiving dinner in November.  I dream of the berry pies waiting at the Fourth of July picnic buffet.  The thought of enjoying a satisfying piece of pie during a celebration fills me with happiness.

This political season underscores that our pie slices are creating enormous conflicts on how we divide up our economic pie.

What I learned Last Week at Optimize | Aging 2.0 Annual Conference

Aging 2.0’s annual conference happened last week in San Francisco California.  Innovators, Aging field thought leaders and industry experts gathered to unveil that latest advances.  

Who’s On First? Today’s Caregiving Crisis
  • Caregivers, both present and former, know that we need serious policy reform today. The heavy economic, physical and emotional burdens of our broken caregiving system today are no laughing matter.

REUNIONCare September Newsletter


September 2016

We are excited to share with you a little of what we've been up to! 

Latest Grand Magazine features REUNIONCare


Grand Magazine celebrates Grandparents Day by naming Grandparent of the Year.  REUNIONCare founder Monica Stynchula joined in the issue with a great story on the 5 Questions for a Healthy Future.  


AARP commercial "Tampa Bay - We Hear You" starring REUNIONCare's Founder

 Monica discuss caregiver issues and resources available in Tampa Bay on this YouTube video for AARP.   The commercial appears on local, cable and social media channels in the West Florida markets.


Provider Platform enhanced Features! 

Multiple record systems and health care provider handoffs undermine efforts to share treatment information. REUNIONCare Provider Portal enables every user to access and share:  

*HL7 FHIR interoperability      

*shared calendar      

*Bulk uploading of data

*manage staff assignments                                                             

*communication dashboard

*API for EHR, apps and IoT integrations

*vendor engagement & shopping carts

 Is your organization ready to test drive REUNIONCare Provider platform?  Contact us to get started at


 Who owns your information?  

Today's healthcare episode likely involves many different setting from the Doctor's Office, Emergency Department and a stay in the hospital that may end with a transfer to another care setting.  This scenario identifies four hand offs where your information can get lost or recorded inaccurately.  Data integrity drive quality care but remains the largest challenge today.  

 Medical errors are the USA third leading cause of death many of the errors are attributed to issues with the medical records.  REUNIONCare disrupts the electronic health record system.  

We anchor medical records and data to the individual making it portable, accessible and actionable. 

 Tampa Bay Caregiver Accelerator Inaugural

Success Leads to Expansion in Florida

REUNIONCare, Inc. selected as Caregiver Accelerator champion


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -  REUNIONCare, Inc. a Florida-certified, female-owned business specializing in consumer centric health information technology, was selected by AARP as the Tampa Bay Caregiver Accelerator administrator.  The program, renamed Caregiver Accelerator, proved highly successful in its early 2016 pilot.  

 In early 2017, under REUNIONCare’s leadership, the program will expand into two Florida cities, Jacksonville and Orlando. These two communities were selected due to their multicultural demographics and family caregiving population density.   


The Caregiver Accelerator’s mission is to seek out and nurture innovative companies in the caregiving space. An AARP Caregiving Innovation Frontier report identifies six critical areas of economic opportunity for startups including: daily activities essential, health and safety awareness, care coordination,  transitions support, social well being, and caregiver quality of life.  The January 2016 report estimates that 117 million Americans will need some level of service by 2020, which represents a predicted $72 billion industry, most of which comes directly from the caregiver/consumer’s pocket.

 REUNIONCare CEO Monica Stynchula, MSW, MPH, says “The care delivery system leftover from the 20th Century is broken.  Quickly Identifying and closing the gaps in care require the active engagement of family caregivers.  Many former caregivers, like myself, are eager to transform this system into new companies that will improve the quality of life for those who require care.”

 The Caregiver Accelerator (CA)  is a pre-incubation program that fosters innovation and builds the concepts and early stage businesses in the caregiving space.  The pilot phase (January to May, 2016 ) supported the development of 16 new caregiving companies in Tampa Bay. Accelerator Program Manager Danielle Callahan, MBA, business startup consultant with economic development experience is the CA coach supervisor and lead.  “Founders participating in the CA come from various professional backgrounds all with great passion to create successful businesses targeting these strong market opportunities. The WKI  “So what? who cares? why you?(™)  “ curriculum and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile are the tools we use to guide nascent startups on the fast track to gaining traction and serving our community,” Callahan says.    

 Like in Tampa Bay, the Caregiver Accelerator engages the community stakeholders including innovation centers, health care companies, community based services, government leaders and others to make this program successful.  Opportunities to become a sponsor and/or promotional partner in this expansion are available by contacting danielle.weitlauf@reunioncare.comor 727-279-0590.

monica stynchulaComment
Promoting Fall Awareness in not just a Season

Setting Fall Prevention to coincide with the beginning of Autumn (Fall) is clear evidence that the USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention personnel have a sense of humor.

Caregiver Cyber Revolution

Security experts live on a constant state of alert to detect those intent on ‘stealing’ identities through health records.  Caregivers are rarely the evildoers with the time or inclination for cyber crimes.  The typical unpaid caregiver is a family member with full time paid employment that spends their free time looking after loved ones.  So why then do we set up so many barriers to limit the ability of our family caregivers from accessing and aggregating their loved one’s health information online?

Aging Services at the Crossroads

Last week REUNIONCare attended the Florida Council on Aging’s (FCOA) annual Conference.  The theme of the conference was “Power of the Past, Force of the Future.”  Now, that is the kind of messaging that inspires revolutionaries like us.