The Jig is UP. Life is no longer predictable

For any of us that have taken a human development or psychology course in past decades, we were taught that life is a bell shaped curve.  

Infancy gracefully transforms into childhood then awkwardly into adolescence.  When we emerge as adults we ramp up adulthood with self selected identities, careers, relationships and locations.  We spend our 20's through 60's building a nest egg for retirement years.  The career winds down in the 60's and we eye the promise of a comfortable retirement as we slide down the right slope toward our final years.

Did you learn the Eric Erikson Theory of PsychoSocial Development?  We accepted this bell shaped curve as the natural course of life.  The promise of a comfortable retirement is the reward for a successful work life.

What happened?

You do work hard but these neat and tidy stages of life aren’t following the script.  Are you feeling confused or cheated by the course of life?  All of the theories that worked so well in our Industrial Age remain with us but our lives do not fit these patterns anymore.  


No one expected so many economic downturns and corporate reorganizations to derail your planned ascendence to the corner office.  

No one expected the rapid technological and information age changes that would steal away a perfectly planned career.

No one expected young adults who left the nest to return.  Boomerang children return with more baggage and few answers to how to get back on the path to independence.

No one expected so many of us to be single at middle age.  Whether by choice or situation, today many Baby Boomers are not married while heading toward ‘retirement.’   Family size has shrunk precipitously and distance now separates many of us from our childhood hometowns and extended families.

No one expected our parents to live into their 80's, 90's and most surprisingly over the century mark.  Those golden years are tarnishing under the weight of reduced physical abilities, dwindling resources, stagnant or diminished pensions and social security, multiple health conditions that knock us down but don’t take us out of the game, mental decline all shrouded in social isolation.

We blew up the Bell Shaped Curve

So the jig is up.  These neat and tidy checklist stages of life are gone.  Life is now a series of experiences that present themselves whether we are ready or not.  That’s why we are here.  We are REUNIONCare.  We are changing the way we care for each other.  Join us.  We’ll help you though the most exhausting and rewarding challenges life offers you.