7 Best Holiday Gifts for Elderly Family Members

‘Tis the season to be searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones.  Buying for our elderly family members can be particularly challenging.  


1) Sweaters, shirts and jackets  - look for items with large front buttons.  Zippers, hooks and snaps are hard to manipulate for people with arthritis, reduced sensation in fingers and other physical limitations affecting us as we age.  

2) Trousers, pants and shorts can present dressing challenges as we age.  Balance becomes less stable and predictable so donning pants can be dangerous.  Select fuller leg, easy to wear items with elastic, drawstring or large zipper closures.  Stay away from jeans with tricky fasteners.

3) Kitchen small appliances are a great idea for replacing stove and oven use.  Be careful to select easy to lift items with automatic shut offs.  Watch out for complicated digital displays that require programming and multiple buttons to accomplish a single task.  Keep it simple.  

4) Gifts of food and drink.  Be careful on what treats you are purchasing.  Many prescription drugs have warnings on interactions.  Alcohol taken with many depression and insomnia drugs can be life threatening.  Sugary treats affect blood sugar.  Focus on protein dense foods or meal replacement food and drink for gifts.

5) Homemade memory books show how much you care.  The story you create with old photos demonstrates the elderly person importance to you.  Seniors spend countless hours recalling and reviewing the past as they create a mental legacy.  We all want to know that our life mattered to others.

6) An IOU for Sunday drives.  Elderly adults grew up on those Sunday drives.  The relaxing serendipitous wanderings maybe back to the old neighborhood.  How about a day out for brunch and a slow ride into the country.  Chauffeuring  may reduce the likelihood of the senior getting behind the wheel on other days of the week.  

7) The greatest gift of all is priceless.  Remember teaching your children to create a coupon chores book for mother’s day?  Use that same principle for children to elderly is the best gift of all.   How about a coupon book of visits?  This give the senior adult the right to cash in when they are feeling forgotten, lonely.

So deck the halls, create new memories and bring joy to your favorite senior adults.  

The REUNIONCare staff wishes all of you a very healthy and happy holiday season.