Call your Representative today - The Older Americans Act has passed the Senate

This past week has been great for aging issues across the country.  We started out with the White House Conference on Aging on July 13, 2015, an invitation-only event at the White House that was live streamed across the country.  Social media was on fire with local watch parties communicating with the conference in real time using the #WHCOA hashtag.  

Renewing the Older Americans Act was a major rallying call of the event...and our voices were heard.  The US Senate reauthorized the Older Americans Act (#OAA) on July 16, 2015 and now it is time for the US House of Representatives to act.  YOU can impact care for the elderly and the vote in the House.  Sign into the House at and click on the button to find your Representative.  

Why should you do this?  Regardless of your age, politics, life stage or any other demographic, the OAA impacts all of us, with;

Nutrition Programs - hot and frozen meals for our seniors are funded from OAA.

Transportation Services - provided for isolated seniors and disabled people.

Family Caregiver Support - essential for caregivers doing the most stressful and exhausting job for their loved ones.

In Home Personal Care and Homemaker Services - for those who cannot care for themselves.

Case Management - services connecting needy seniors to the right community resources.

Elder Abuse and Ombudsman Services - representing vulnerable seniors who need our voices.


The 2015 Reauthorization also modernizes the last OAA connecting healthcare to senior services using technology.  This new focus on prevention of falls and wellness will dramatically improve the quality of life for all of us as we age.

Please call your Representative.  Tell them about your grandparents, your spouse, your neighbor and friends any and all the people impacted by OAA.  You can read directly from this post over the phone outlining all the important programs that will benefit from Reauthorization.

REUNIONCare serves seniors, caregivers, and communities - all of whom are traveling on the journey of aging.  We have voiced our support for OAA - now it is your turn.

Our White House Conference on Aging Listening Event at #AARP Florida State office in St. Petersburg, Florida.