4 Things Every Caregiver Can Do *Today*

Let’s face it.  We are all aging.  Every moment, every day.  The impact of these changes hits home over the years.  Here’s a quick checklist for you and your “Circle of Care” family members and caregivers to consider. 

1) Ability Tracking  – Activities of Daily living include those daily tasks the give rhythm and structure to the day.  Ability Tracking is important to identify tasks that are becoming difficult to complete.   Being aware of your issues also permits you to assess your needs and adequately prepare your environment. For example, too much physical activity (such as the stairs) may cause you to become dizzy or lightheaded – if you’re aware of this and your need to “slow down” you can rearrange your home and prevent an accident from happening.

2) Age Proof Your Home – Speaking of accidents, accidents most often result in serious setbacks. If you can prevent a fall, you can prevent hospital care and rehabilitation.  REUNIONCare’s home assessments provide a guided safety tour through your home.   As you age, don’t be afraid to start age-proofing your home. This involves taping down rugs, rearranging your “obstacle” furniture layout, perhaps moving the bed downstairs, making sure the home has good lighting, and more.

3) Review Your Decisions and document them – Have you created a Do Not Resuscitate and Living Will document?  Who have you shared them with?  Where are they located?  If you wish to stay at home as you age and as you become in need of assistance, is at-home care covered? Or do you have a separate savings account for at-home care? 

4. Be Supported by the Right Tools and the Right People – REUNIONCare product is an online and mobile platform that puts seniors in the driver’s seat. We know that aging is a journey best travelled with a map and emergency kit for the road ahead. A senior’s retirement journey requires careful planning, declarations and organization that involves all the important people in your life. Having all of the above mentioned initiatives and the information that supports them in one central location helps you better prepare, but also helps others better care for you because they can access your care preferences and the details surrounding your health.

REUNIONCare combines healthcare, health, social services, legal and financial services into one integrated model that eliminates the brick walls previously separating these worlds. We employ each senior to record goals and aspirations into a personalized life record for the journey ahead.

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