Winter Beauty Can be Ugly for Vulnerable People

How cold is it?  Chicago, Illinois average January low temperature is 11 degrees below zero.  The average low temperature in Dallas, Texas is just about freezing at 34 degrees.  This year all of the ‘averages’ have been tossed out thanks to El Nino.  The current El Nino is the strongest one the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has tracked in 18 years.  

Winter weather brings on new challenges to keep warm at home and moving about in the community.  Cars needs to properly weatherized in snowy areas.  Dwellings require weatherization to stave off the brutally strong winds and precipitation.  Furnaces need to be checked for adequate heating energy and safety after remaining dormant during the warmer months.  Last, but most importantly, clothing that is warm and comfortable needs to be easy, at the ready.  All of this may sound routine for most of us as we recover the holidays and move into the heart of winter.  But what about those of us who need assistance with these tasks?

The weather headlines underscores the importance of performing a REUNIONCare Home Safety Assessments.  

  • Check all the windows for air leaks and condensation.  The home improvement stores carry low cost solutions to these problems.
  • Store a closed container of sidewalk salt for easy accessibility.  Outside stairs and porches are hazardous with just a tiny bit of invisible ice.   
  • Test the outdoor lighting to ensure they are working and directed correctly.  Winter daylight is short.
  • Place a warm blanket in the car.  Better to safe than sorry.  Keep a blanket just in case of an emergency where you are stuck in the car.
  • Switch out the closest.  Place all the warm winter clothes front and center for easy access.  Make sure that coats, gloves, boots, hats and other accessories can’t be forgotten before stepping out into the cold.
  • Create an emergency kit for the caregiver that includes personal care and medication.  El Nino is so unpredictable.  Quick evacuations are already in the news with this crazy weather.

El Nino is turning winter topsy turvy.  Our challenge is to be ready in this unpredictable season.  Join us by creating a Circle of Care  to keep your favorite people connected and engaged.