No two of us have traveled the same life journey.  We all have our own story to tell. I urge you to set aside time this Thanksgiving and ask this question:  Who would you invite to your personal Thanksgiving feast of gratitude.


David Solie, author of How to Say it to Seniors:  Closing the Communication Gap gracefully outlines the two basic mental issues for seniors. 


 Maintaining control over their lives.  Who doesn’t want control?  Even toddlers fight for control in their ‘terrible twos.’  This urge to remain independent is essential to our core.  No doubt late life changes may make this decision making unsafe or unsustainable.  Caregivers negotiate this dance on a daily basis to keep our loved ones safe.  this but to extent that is possible, let this Thanksgiving be a joyous celebration and crafting a life story of meaningful existence.  These are not small tasks.  I recall the World War I and II veterans at the American Legion conversing over their own war stories.   

JR KeeneComment