Happy New Year Caregivers!

Balance - It’s easy to say and hard to do; especially for caregivers.  We challenge you to set realistic New Year Resolutions to find balance.

1.      Learning - Find a favorite website or app that sends daily tidbits to enrich your life.  How about bookmarking National Geographic’s website and checking daily.  Wonderful stories, rich engaging photography provide you with a mini-mental escape while you learn something new.  Not into National Geographic?  Send us a comment about other sites you recommend.

2.     Self-Care - We are heading into the coldest and darkest months of the year.  Colds and influenza germs fill the air.  Be careful to maintain your own health.  Maybe a 15 minute daily walk in the sunshine?  What’s on your radar?

3.     Family & Friends - As a caregiver your duties are unrelenting and isolating - we implore you to guard against it.  Sign up for a REUNIONCare account and engage your family and friends in your caregiving journey.  In the coming year, we want you to resolve to be present in this life changing journey and share it with those you love.

4.     Work -   Many of you caregivers hold down a full-time job while caregiving.  No matter how you slice and dice your day, 24 hours is all you have.  Please check with your employer’s human resource department about Family and Medical Leave Act and about flexible scheduling.  Knowledge is power.  Know what benefits you can access. 

5.     Play - Play isn’t just for children.  Can you identify a hobby or sport to enjoy in the New Year?  Reach back to childhood for clues but also look out for new adventures.  How about a yoga class?  Painting?  Reading?  Find something that renews you and play.

6.     Community service - We saved this for last because we want to thank you.  Caregivers are providing a vital community service that is overlooked and underappreciated.  Thank you.  Thank you for sacrificing your own personal aspirations to accompany someone else on their aging journey.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your community service.

Happy New Year Caregivers.  REUNIONCare wishes for your health, happiness and many happy returns in the New Year.

JR KeeneComment