Where and How do I Find Help? ElderLaw is Here for You

REUNIONCare team members are family caregivers. Our caregiving platform is a direct reflection of our personal experience combined with our professional knowledge.  Together, we can assist you in building the right solutions to the everyday problems you encounter.  We strongly recommend reading The Age of Dignity by Ai-Jen Poo (@aijenpoo).  She is one of us.  Ai-Jen is an incredible storyteller and authentic caregiver.  She started the Elder Boom social movement to reform today’s senior adult caregiving market.  She is determined to create a 21st Century solution to replace our outdated and ineffective system of today.

Caregiving is physically, mentally and emotionally draining at different points in this journey.  One of the most frightening tasks interviewing and selecting the right personal care employee for your situation.  Many of us as caregivers are reticent in these situations.  We at REUNIONCare know that you are doing your very best.  This journey is exhausting your time, resources and emotional well being when the daily tasks become overwhelming.  

In the short term we at REUNIONCare encourage you to begin considering paid home care services.  Elder Law Answers  created this comprehensive questionnaire to guide you through the process.  

Then, use the following questions to interview the candidates they suggest or those you have found on your own:

  • Can you provide me with your full name, address, phone number, social security number and current photo ID so that I can run a background, including credit, check? (If interviewing an agency candidate, request contact information only.)
  • Can you (your agency) provide me with copies of current documentation related to personal insurance, bonding, workers' compensation, and current health status (TB test, immunizations, etc.).
  • Can you (your agency) show or provide me with current documentation related to specific services and assistance (dementia care, CPR, etc.) you are trained/certified to provide?
  • Tell me about your experience as an in-home aide – how long you have been providing care, previous work situations, etc.
  • Can you (your agency) provide me with references related to past clients and employers.
  • Why did you leave your last position?  (If they have not left this position, ask how they plan on coordinating schedules.)
  • What are your expectations if I hire you?
  • What hours and days will you be available?
  • What hourly rate do you expect, and how do you expect to be paid?
  • How do you like to get feedback and suggestions?
  • What do you like and dislike about home care?
  • Situation-specific questions related to specific issues, such as ability to prepare culturally appropriate foods or competency in the older person’s language, should also be asked.

REUNIONCare is changing the way we care for each other.  Join us.