An Employer’s Silent Army

Can you see the Army in your shop?  There are legions of employees today holding down multiple jobs just to meet the demands of life.  This Army I am referring to is the brigade of caregivers in your ranks.  


Unpaid family caregivers are hiding in plain site at the workplace.  They are the middle age workers and increasingly young adults who are  caring for aging parents, disabled children and significant others who need assistance with everyday tasks.

The nation’s family and medical leave act needs an overhaul to meet the needs of employed family caregivers.  Employers need to update all their HR policies to accommodate this new work/life demand faced by 43 million Americans.


Your silent Army in your ranks is suffering from presenteeism.  Imagine the mental and emotional energy spent everyday worrying about a loved one.  How about the work time spent trying to arrange doctor’s appointments, responding to insurance coverage issues, getting a prescription filled and the myriad of other tasks swarming around their head reducing a family caregiver’s ability to truly be productive.  

It is time for reveille at your company.  Take the bold step of calling your silent army to attention.  Ask questions.  Get to know what you can do to support their work/life balance.  Reward your warriors act of bravery and courage as an unpaid family caregiver feats.    

Your silent army will succeed if you lead.  REUNIONCare is here to help you.