REUNIONCare Partners with Healthcare Systems Connections and CueShift to Bring Expanded Caregiving Tools to Healthcare Providers

PRESS RELEASE June 21, 2016, St Petersburg, FL — REUNIONCare, Healthcare Systems Connections (HSC) and CueShift are proud to announce their partnership that will offer a portfolio of caregiving business solutions to the post acute care market in the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida. These solutions can be utilized to deliver better medical outcomes, lower total costs, receive higher Medicare reimbursements and improve customer satisfaction within a healthcare provider organization. It promotes what is now being called the fourth arm of the IHI's (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) Triple Aim Initiative; Patient Engagement, and it helps in the development of meaningful behavioral health indicators.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Monica Stynchula, Co-Founder and CEO, REUNIONCare. “We worked closely with HSC to improve our product, adding new features that we think their network of providers will be excited to leverage to better communicate with the families of the care recipients.”

“Our partnership with REUNIONCare strengthens and extends our offering,” Rick Carter, CEO of HSC and CueShift.  “The new caregiving features support HL7  integration protocols which adds value when sharing data with your care partners, including hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, labs, radiology, therapy providers and Health Information Exchanges.”

About Healthcare Systems Connections

HSC provides IT consulting, interoperability consulting and project management services to post-acute facilities in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida and Washington, DC.  HSC services include remote help desk, network monitoring and security management, CEU approved Health Information Technology, HIPAA/HiTech and Electronic Health Record training.  HSC also provides internet, social media, custom software applications and business development services to healthcare providers and consultants.

About CueShift

CueShift, Inc. provides Electronic Health Records (EHR), software, training and support services to post acute care facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida.  The CueShift suite of services includes EHR-agnostic applications for HIPAA Compliant Interoperability, Payroll Based Journal Reporting Staff Scheduling, Management Analytics/Metrics, Radiology Management, Institutional Pharmacy integration and more.  Learn more at


REUNIONCare is a subscription-based online platform that connects those requiring care with their family members, caregivers, and professional health care providers to collaboratively create and manage a patient-centered care plan. Learn more at, follow us on Twitter at @REUNIONCare or email us at