Alzheimer's Awareness Month - The Purple People

It is time to search through your closet for purple clothes.  Wearing purple means you are supporting the Alzheimer’s Association’s awareness campaign.  


Alzheimer’s is an equal opportunity disease. No one is immune from the effects whether that means being diagnosed or caring for someone with the disease.  

Consider the cost of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD):

Personal care assisting an AD patient with activities of daily living, medical supplies and equipment needed from completing routine daily tasks.

Prescription Drugs pharmaceuticals can slow the decline.  Many of today’s treatments require hefty co-pays and deductibles out-of-pocket expenses.

Diagnostic and Treatment Cost for many of the outpatient services needed for AD management can be overwhelming

Transportation to appointments, day care, therapy, and other AD activity burden family and caregivers

In home care professional home based services gives the family and caregivers needed respite from the 24/7 demands of AD care

Residential Care  AD caregiving often becomes overwhelming in the later stages of the disease.  On average the cost of skilled nursing home care in 2016 ranges from $80,000 to $92,000 a year.    

Caregiver burnout Spouses and other family caregivers live with the increased threat to their own physical and mental health from the stressors of providing round the clock care.  

AD is a devastating  terminal disease.  We have no cure on the horizon.   REUNIONCare is here to help you with care management though your Alzheimer’s journey.  

Wear purple to show your solidarity with the Alzheimer’s Association members.  

For more information please visit:  Alzheimer's Association