Top Five Priorities for the CMS Post Acute Care Market

The keystones to senior care today are  the post acute care providers.  CMS latest changes clearly emphasize the role of Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) and Home Health in post acute and chronic care management.  Now starts the anguishing process of creating a coherent, connected care encompassing all the above players with the consumer interests front and center.  Today, no two of the above silos use information from the same source or exchange them on the same or similar information system. The new incentives have the post acute care industry scrambling to compete for better reimbursement for their services.  


Number One:  Closing gaps with Unified Case Management

Imagine a day when each partner in care delivery reads from the same playbook  that transcends proprietary record systems.  Closing gaps in care requires the open exchange data and insights where everyone participates in patient centered care.   REUNIONCare data  system anchors the patient record to the consumer regardless of care setting.   


Number two:  IMPACT Act

Improving Medicare Post-Acute Care Transformation Act - IMPACT Act goals are:  affordable care, better care and healthy communities must enable interoperability and access information from all parties over the long haul. The greatest overall goal of IMPACT is prevention and early detection of declining abilities and effective management of chronic conditions.  Building and sustaining this new continuum of care should be the core value for all post-acute care providers.


Number Three:  CMS Focus on Star Ratings

Post acute care providers are chasing their tails trying to achieve the coveted five star rating on the Nursing Home Compare and Home Health Compare websites.  This is virtually impossible without shifting  away from reviewing and reacting to patient care issues.  Certainly, there is an urgent need to use some form of Predictive Analytics regardless of care setting.  To achieve high quality measures providers will have to use real-time data and analytics tools.    


Number Four:  Readmission and other Financial Penalties

Today the Post Acute Care service players are the linchpins to financial success of CMS.  Successful care transitions and reduced emergency room visits require collaboration among all post acute care providers especially not only during the immediate post discharge period but also past the thirty day after discharge window.  


Number Five:  Value as defined by whom?

Active engagement of the family and the patient may be the canary in the coal mine of the Star Rating system.  Streamlined, real time communication with family members dramatically influences the perception of the quality of care.  REUNIONCare is your partner to realize the value proposition for post acute care providers and their patients. In this respect, REUNIONCare will be a one-stop “shopping” to show and document patient centered care planning, caregiver support and involvement, engagement and empowerment.


Dr. Ozzie Ahmed



If you're a Medicare member with 2 or more chronic conditions, REUNIONCare may be a covered benefit.  Talk to your primary doctor to see if he's offering REUNIONCare or another chronic care management program.