Caregiver Cyber Revolution

Security experts live on a constant state of alert to detect those intent on ‘stealing’ identities through health records.  Caregivers are rarely the evildoers with the time or inclination for cyber crimes.  The typical unpaid caregiver is a family member with full time paid employment that spends their free time looking after loved ones.  So why then do we set up so many barriers to limit the ability of our family caregivers from accessing and aggregating their loved one’s health information online?


Imagine the resource savings when health care professionals and a caregiver when we set up open channels with 24/7 communication.  The Caregiver Cyber Revolution to access health information seeks to consolidate these conversation into ONE record not in ten different provider portals.


What limits caregiver’s access to health information?  


  • Proprietary, and sometimes out-of-date, record systems that lack the ability to share

  • Hard to understand consumer sites with poor user interfaces

  • Paper record systems

  • Lack of trust between the parties

  • Fragmented records

Revolutions disrupt the status quo.  It’s time for a Caregiver Cyber Revolution.  It is time to demand open and honest communication in one central location.  It is time recognize caregivers are a vital care team member with equal rights to information.  Are you ready to join the revolution?