Top Five People to Share Your Aging Journey

How often have you heard of the challenges like, name the five items you want if stranded on an island?  How about your five favorite songs?  Or top five places you want to visit before you die?  These lists force us to stop and think about what is most important to us. 

Today, I challenge you to name the top five people you want to take on your aging journey.   At REUNIONCare, we call this your Circle of Care.  So who is it for you?

1.      Emergency contact.  Who do you call first when a crisis occurs?  Keep the name, telephone number, email and other contact information inside your wallet and smartphone.  Better yet, include them in your Circle of Care.

2.     Power of Attorney.  Who have you designated as the person to carry out your wishes?  There are oodles of Power of Attorney forms found on the internet.  The form is State specific so choose the state then print the form. Inform the person and share a copy of the form.  Keep the original in a safe place.  The next step is to include this person as part of your REUNIONCare Circle of Care. 

3.     Caregiver or closest friend or relative.  Who assists you most on a daily basis?  Who do you confide in about your personal life?  This is an important member of your Circle of Care. 

4.     Durable Power of Attorney.  Also known as Medical Power of Attorney.  The person that will speak for you when you are incapable of doing so yourself.  This relationship requires a State specific form as well.  This can be downloaded from the internet.  Notify the person of this special honor and share your documents.  Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.  Be sure to include this person in your Circle of Care.

5.     Healthcare provider.  This maybe your Primary Care doctor or internist, maybe your favorite home health nurse.  Whomever you trust the most to know your health history and maintain an active relationship with is the best to include in your Circle of Care


Sometimes one person fulfills more than one of these categories so another seat on your journey is left to fill. 

Aging is not meant to be experienced in isolation. Share your journey.  Share your goals.  Allow others to join in and experience it with you.  Build a Circle of Care that will be there for you.  Bon Voyage.