Surround yourself with a Circle of Care

With the US Supreme Court announcement upholding the Affordable Care Act, you might be tempted to think the Circle of Care refers to the layers of doctors, nurses, therapists of all stripes as well as drugs and equipment partially covered by the insurance product of your choice. NO.  This is not your Circle of Care.   The Circle of Care I am referring to is the one that surrounds you each and every day, in sickness and in health.  They are your personally appointed first responders when the need arises.  Who should you include in your Circle of Care?

Identify your Emergency Contact who is your Significant Other the one you treasure the most; a partner, spouse, sibling, best friend or whomever you consider the closest relationship to you today.  All care providers ask for the name and phone number in case of an emergency.  Be sure your emergency contact is aware of the role you have asked of them and keep the contact information up to date. 


Choose your Caregiver New legislation called The CARE Act,  CARE stands for Caregiver Advise, Record and Enable Act, is sweeping State governments to enlarge the legal rights of your chosen caregiver.  CARE empowers your chosen helper to become an active health care team member.  To actively participate in care planning so that you have a strong advocate and trained caregiver.


Execute a signed Durable Power of Attorney Bad thing do happen to good people.  Who will be your voice when the unthinkable happens and you cannot express your wishes in a medical emergency?  States require their own version of Durable Power of Attorney to be legal and binding. This document is also referred to as Power of Attorney for Health Care and Advanced Directives such as Living Will and Do Not Resuscitate.    Appoint someone who capable of carrying out your written instructions when bad things happen. 


Appoint your Power of Attorney No Circle of Care is complete without an appointed person to fulfill your legal and financial wishes and all other worldly matters.   This Circle of Care member should have knowledge of the location and contents of all your legal documents to protect your interests and wishes. 


Why these four people in your Circle of Care?  They each play a different but equally important role in support and surrounding you with peace of mind and protection.  REUNIONCare is your source of communication and coordination uniting all your most important people together for you.  Create your own Circle of Care today when life is good and health gives you the luxury of time to carefully plan for the uncertainties tomorrow may bring. 


JR KeeneComment