Who are Caregivers?  Take a Look in the Mirror

First step, locate a mirror.

Second step, look in the mirror.

Third step, say hello to someone who needs a caregiver or is a caregiver.


Caregiving is defined as the willingness and ability to assist another with the daily tasks of life. 


So, simple but so profound part of life is the relationships we build and nurture throughout our lives.  No matter what culture. Country or ethnic group, we all create rules and rituals to bind us together.


Caregiving is essential to our human existence. 


Most of us have no training to become a caregiver when we are called into action.  That is what we do at REUNIONCare. 


REUNIONCare encourages you to embrace you call to serve or be served.  No matter if you live close or far from the person needing care or your caregivers, REUNIONCare is your navigator for this new and valued journey. 


Join Us. 



JR KeeneComment