Telehealth is a Game changer

Accenture said we waste $12 Billion on poor health system communications.  Ponemon Institute, June 2014 said it’s $11 Billion wasted that results in delayed or missed care.  All of theseeye popping price tag speak to the same issue.  We need better ways to get the right information to the right person at the right time. 

The Triple Aim of HealthCare

This small device that we carry in our pockets is the game changer for our healthcare system. 

●      Imagine the home care worker who finds a bright red rash on a bedridden person.  The smartphone camera can transmit a high-quality photo to the doctor’s office alerting them to this new issue.  A treatment plan is relayed and an emergency room visit is prevented.

●      What about the working caregiver who needs to get prescription refills but has a question about dosage.  Telehealth enables the employee can text the question and receive an answer without missing work.

●      The Meals on Wheels volunteer traveling a rural route finds a senior citizen struggling to breathe finds the Home Health folder on the kitchen tables and alerts the agency to make an emergency visit.

Telehealth creates rapid responses that will save lives, prevent expensive complications and, most importantly, improve the quality of life for all of us.

Join us at REUNIONCare for our Care Revolution. 

JR Keene2 Comments