Top Indicators that Caregiving is a Public Health Crisis

Yesterday REUNIONCare, along with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and AARP Florida, sponsored the Florida Caregiving Conference - Empowering Caregivers.  What an amazing gathering of caregivers, thought leaders and care providers in one room focusing on this crisis.   Our communities need to face the challenges of the shortage of trained and willing caregivers in our ranks.  Here are the top crisis indicators:


117 Million Americans expected to need assistance by 2020, according to Robert Stephens vice President of Health and Caregiving


The Caregiver marketplace is expected to be a $72 billion opportunity by year 2020 according to Robert Stephen of AARP.


40% of all caregivers will die before the person for whom they are caring, according to Emma Hemness Elder Law Attorney


Caregiving is a 24/7 family issue.  The Asian community is quiet about caregiving, I want to create a conversation, says retired Major General Tony Taguba and family caregiver. 


Our communities need to be age friendly, dementia friendly/enabled, barrier free public spaces for all residents of all abilities to use according to Age Friendly Sarasota leader Dr. Kathy Black of USFSM.


This is a crisis that needs local, state and national innovations and strategies to combat.  Michael Valdez, a Tampa Financial Planner, said the pearl of the day.  “Caregiving today is what cancer was 30 years ago.  You knew someone who has it but nobody talked about it.” 


We need an open and honest dialogue, like the one yesterday at the Florida Caregivers Conference, to shine a spotlight on this growing public health crisis.  No one will be immune from caregiving - it touches all of our lives like all other social and economic issues today.  Join us at REUNIONCare as we do our part to solve this crisis.  

JR KeeneComment