REUNIONCare goes to South Korea

“Longevity Revolution, New Opportunities for 50+ Generation” in Seoul South Korea


Good news travels fast.   REUNIONCare is in the second round of the Caregiver Accelerator program in Tampa Bay Florida but already attracting attention around the world.  Other countries want to learn how we are building a social entrepreneurship ecosystem.


I will be presenting at the Seoul 50 Plus Foundation’s first conference for Korean politicians, media, business people and academics to explore the vast potential of the 50 + population.  Representatives from five countries will present at the conference: US, UK, Japan, Germany and South Korea.


Longevity issues are not particular to the western world.  According to the World Health Organization demography site, the over 50 population is growth will transform the world as early as 2030 with Asia experiencing a 71% increase, North America at 55% and Europe at 31%.  For all societies, this means caregiving issues have gone mainstream.  The urgent need for new digital health innovations addressing this exploding need for consumer centered solutions.    Gen X and Millennial generations as half of today’s caregiving army.


I am excited to present our CA model that bridges the generations in program participants and the populations we target.  According to the AARP Project Catalyst report, caregivers are asking for solutions in the areas of health and safety awareness, daily essential activities, transition support, social wellbeing, care coordination and caregiver quality of life issues,


Cultural norms in South Korea clearly delineate roles and duties of each family member unlike the lack of any universal cultural norms here in the United States.  I am eager to learn how the overwhelming demands on young families are perceived by the 50 plus generation in their culture.  Additionally, more older Koreans are no longer retiring by the age of sixty, like the preceding generations thus freeing up hours to perform daily caregiving tasks.  I want to investigate if they are experiencing similar pain points we are here. 


The CA in Tampa Bay is full of amazing people leading new companies passionate about improving the caregiving experience and quality of life of those they serve.  The Seoul 50 Plus Foundation is committed to inspiring people to realize their full potential.  I do believe the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem model to spawn their own CA movement uniting caregiver business founders of all age groups working to build a better community. 

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