Caregiving TV Drama Series of the Future

You are the first to hear the news.  Think of this series as the reality of healthcare in the twenty first century.  The successful medical dramas like The Good Doctor, House, Chicago Medical, Chicago Hope will give way to the hardworking, resourceful family caregivers protagonist who juggles working, relationships, caregiving and staying healthy.  But unlike present medical dramas, the caregiving episodes will not feature a “cured” patient before the final credits roll.

The TV scripts I write will  feature the caregiver as the hero just like it is in real life.  Why? Caregivers are the linchpin to a doctor’s success or failure for any given therapy or care plan.  Today’s medical care shortens the length of hospital stay moving many of the nursing tasks into the home with family caregivers and home care professionals responsible to make recovery successful.

Every episode will feature another issue that caregivers quietly absorb into their overwhelmed lives. As the episodes progress our protagonist gains more knowledge and  takes a seat on the care team equipped with knowledge of the disease progression, insurance coverage, available community resources and a solid caregiver social support network.  

Dovetailing the emergence of the empowered caregiver are the enlightened doctors and care teams who treat our hero with equal importance as the patient.  They learn that collaboration means open communication and dropping the adversarial relationship. The medical team comes to recognize that mitigating the physical, emotional and financial burden that falls on the unpaid family caregiver is the secret sauce to their success.  

No clever title has been selected for the series but a few come to mind:  Burning the Candle at Both Ends, Silent Sacrifice, Who Needs Sleep, Life’s Unpredictable Journey, Sacrificing My Retirement Security to Insure it for Another,   …… I am open to your recommendations.  

I don’t want to write a fictional series.  I want to write testimonials of success. Caregivers deserve to be the stars that we admire and emulate.  Thank you unpaid family caregivers. You are our rock.

Monica Stynchula