Staying Connected While We are Apart

Summertime road trips to visit family and friends create unforgettable memories. Our trips 'home' included catching lightening bugs, working in Grandpa's garden, hanging out on the hammock under the giant elm trees, sleeping with the windows open and gorging on grandma's fresh baked pies and other irresistible treats. Truth be told, I bet our visits were exhausting (and exhilarating) for my parents.

 My boys are now grown and no longer home. Dad died and mom downsized her life to a smaller home. My mother's resilience, after losing her life partner, is nothing short of amazing. Mom needs us now more than ever. Times have changed for all of us. 

Our team created the CreditForCaring to support all of our loved ones, like my Mom, who needs our support to continue to live life to their fullest. It's free. Easy to use. Don't believe me? Watch our short whiteboard video introduction.  Try it for yourself on your smartphone or tablet.

TheCaringApp from CreditForCaring  is free to download from Google Play or Apple's App Store today.

Onward and Upward,