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Top Reasons for Nursing Home Star Ratings

It’s human nature to ignore unpleasant tasks until the last minute.  Like finding the best nursing home for a short stay or to remain under nursing care for the remainder of life on earth.   Few of us, outside the healthcare industry, would spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon visiting prospective nursing homes.  In fact most of us have no idea what to look for in a nursing home.

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HR Can Help Reduce Caregiver Absenteeism, Presenteeism and Attrition

Due to the enormous financial impact that caregiver absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition places on the bottom line, this is an issue that needs recognition at every level of corporate management. The corporate culture and existing eldercare programs must be reevaluated and replaced with a more caregiver-tolerant corporate mind set and supportive programs that are meaningful and effective.

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