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Promoting Fall Awareness in not just a Season

Setting Fall Prevention to coincide with the beginning of Autumn (Fall) is clear evidence that the USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention personnel have a sense of humor.

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Caregiver Cyber Revolution

Security experts live on a constant state of alert to detect those intent on ‘stealing’ identities through health records.  Caregivers are rarely the evildoers with the time or inclination for cyber crimes.  The typical unpaid caregiver is a family member with full time paid employment that spends their free time looking after loved ones.  So why then do we set up so many barriers to limit the ability of our family caregivers from accessing and aggregating their loved one’s health information online?

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Medicare Awards Quality with Star Ratings

Today I write to you with a good news story.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, commonly known as CMS, is demystifying the search for high quality health care.  CMS has instituted this rating system using  multiple information sources  that all Medicare qualified providers must report.

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Top Reasons for Nursing Home Star Ratings

It’s human nature to ignore unpleasant tasks until the last minute.  Like finding the best nursing home for a short stay or to remain under nursing care for the remainder of life on earth.   Few of us, outside the healthcare industry, would spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon visiting prospective nursing homes.  In fact most of us have no idea what to look for in a nursing home.

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Let’s Talk About Unmentionables - Food Insecurity

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  It’s a secret.  It’s private.  It’s unsettling. 

No, this is not about your underwear drawer or closet.  

Today’s unmentionable is about your cupboard or pantry.  The unmentionable is senior hunger.

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