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Staying Connected While We are Apart
Four Summertime Hazards for Senior Adults

Summertime - sun, fun, water sports, picnics, family vacations for most of us.

Summertime for a senior adult with multiple chronic conditions means new challenges for caregivers to add to their radar.  REUNIONCare’s Dr. Ozzie Ahmed reminds us to look out for these  summertime hazards:  

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Let’s Talk About Unmentionables - Food Insecurity

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  It’s a secret.  It’s private.  It’s unsettling. 

No, this is not about your underwear drawer or closet.  

Today’s unmentionable is about your cupboard or pantry.  The unmentionable is senior hunger.

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Five Ways to Prevent Falls

My mother has the  “invincibility gene” and she passed it on to me.  She lives one thousand miles away.  She just informed me that she severely stretched the tendons in her ankles by using a ladder.  To be honest my father had the same gene.  I remember my mother  calling  to complain about him climbing up a two story ladder to fix the gutters or push snow off the roof.  

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Winter Beauty Can be Ugly for Vulnerable People

El Nino Winter is Riskiest for Seniors Adults  

How cold is it?  Chicago Illinois average January low temperature is 11 degrees below zero.  The average low temperature in Dallas Texas is just about freezing at 34 degree celsius.  This year all the ‘averages’ have been tossed out thanks to El Nino.  The current El Nino is the strongest one the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has tracked in 18 years.  

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