Health Goals

Health Goals are an important part of any Care Plan, and REUNIONCare provides an easy way to allow the Senior to select goals that are relevant and important to them at any given time.  Once selected, these goals are communicated to the Circle of Care so all members can engage with and support the Senior with activities to reach these goals.  Healthy Living Goal and Lifestyle Goals

We will remind you monthly to select these goals, as they are a critical component to monitoring your overall health - not only for you but for all members of your Circle of Care.

My Decisions

Your end of life decisions are some of the most important, and yet difficult, decisions you will make.  Your Circle of Care will carry out the end of life decisions you choose, and you may modify your choices as you age and according to your health status. REUNIONCare recommends completing several important end of life documents, and sharing these documents with your trusted care team insures that your final wishes will be honored. These documents vary by State law and you should consult your State Health Department to obtain the correct forms where you reside.

This section of the REUNIONCare platform provides tools help educate and encourage you to have the important conversations around end of life planning.  Many people are not aware of what these important documents are, or how they can be used.  While we do not store digital copies of the documents, we do encourage you to have a discussion and document if you have a fully executed document, and if they have been shared with your Durable Power Of Attorney and Emergency Contact.  Some of the documents covered include;

  • Durable Power Of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order
  • Allow Natural Death (AND) order
  • Physician Order Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST)

Care Plan

The Care Plan section allows you to document your personal understanding of your health status, and to prepare you and your Circle of Care members to engage with your provider to deliver the best possible care for you

While the concept of a Universal Wraparound Care Plan exists, the fact remains many Seniors receive individual care plans from each of their primary and specialty physicians, which may or may not weave into a cohesive plan.  Additionally, the Senior, Caregiver and/or family members may not (partially or fully) understand these plans.  Our tools provide guidance and simple questions to ask your health professional at every visit, to ensure your understanding and comprehension, and engagement with your care plan.  Sample questions include;

Caregiver Center

It’s easy to forget the most simple information, or conversely, if everyone in the Circle of Care knew some of the “basics” it can make the life of a caregiver that much simpler.  This section of the REUNIONCare platform provides tools to document just such information - consider it a “go to” place for those important nuggets of information, which includes


You need answers - You need access to information

How can I get information from my elderly parents doctors?  Who can give me answers about my parents health status?  What about medications?

REUNIONCare gives power of attorney designates 24/7 access to your parents health care team, combining all care team members under one unified care plan.  We make it easy with one single sign on.  No need to remember ten unique web addresses, user names and passwords.