REUNIONCare‚Äôs ability tracker and unified care coordination algorithm automates recommendations for e-commerce products and equipment.   All care providers become active care team members through interoperable messaging technology  building a portable, patient-centered plan in  a patented  data system getting the right information to the right person in the right setting.  

Healthcare provider collaboration with caregivers achieve better outcomes with REUNIONCare intelligence:

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REUNIONCare Provider Gateway data services anchors information to the patient regardless of setting for maximum portability and connectivity. REUNIONCare is a subscription-based online platform for family members, caregivers, and professional health care providers to collaboratively create and manage a patient-centered care plan. Get engaged and stay informed, with the peace of mind that you are participating in their care - quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world..
— Dr. Ozzie Ahmed