WhiteHouse Report on Emerging Technologies to Help Aging Americans Maintain Their Independence

The WhiteHouse has released the Office of Science and Technology Policy report entitled Emerging Technologies to Health Aging American Maintain Independence today, March 5, 2019. The report includes six recommendations:

  1. Support and assist with Activities of Daily Living.

  2. Create systems to increase cognitive health.

  3. Reduce social isolation by encourage communication and social connectivity.

  4. Increase access to transportation.

  5. Contribute to research and development of efficient and effective health care delivery.

  6. Prevent falls and expand personal mobility with safe environments for daily living.

This report highlights the core principals of the REUNIONCare technology. We endeavor to fill the gaps between the caregiver and the community of help addressing the social determinants of health the nation’s quality of life at every age. We are eager to join the Department of Health and Human Services and the Community Living Assistance and Support Programs and the nation’s Area Agencies on Aging with our technology.