A place to fill the gaps.


REUNIONCare targets all Medicare, Medicaid and long term insurance products working with caregivers, physicians, health care professionals using e-commerce to address costly gaps in care.  REUNIONCare analytics track social determinants of health for successful aging in place.

A subscription-based online platform that emerged from the unmet needs of families now faced with the overwhelming burdens of caring for loved ones.

 The average family caregiver out-of-pocket annual spend is $7,000.  REUNIONCare is the virtual social worker  to guide  spending  money judiciously by providing a direct connection between providers and caregivers.

The other solutions today either work on the provider level only or they are just an app for family members.

REUNIONCare bridged those areas and brought them together through electronic data exchange and e-commerce anchored on the consumer, regardless of care setting.



  • Reduce missed appointments

  • Monitor real-time activity

  • Proactive identification of problems



  • Activate Circle of Care as team members

  • New Medicare reimbursement

  • Alert My Circle quick response

  • Weekly outreach