Caregiving can be an overwhelming experience.  It’s personal, and we should know - our co-founders both have served as caregivers for their respective parents.  For many first-time caregivers you simply don’t know what to do, where to go, or what resources are available.  We don’t promise to have all of the answers, but if “you don’t know what you don’t know”, then we certainly can help get you started down that path.

REUNIONCare environmental and lifestyle tools are designed to create and maintain a safe and healthy home environment.  Falls and home accidents are a major cause of hospitalizations and medical complications - and REUNIONCare equips you with the right tool box to identify and address any conditions in the home that will help to keep your loved ones safe.

Our address book and reference sections contain hundreds of links to local and national resources, plus many of our Healthcare Provider customers upload their own respective resources in your local community.  We can also identify the typical supplies you will need to purchase, usually with your own funds, following a transition of care (i.e. moving from a rehab facility back into your house).

Our My Decisions and Care Plan tools help educate and encourage you to have the important conversations around end of life planning or simply understanding and participating in your Care Plan

Our blog and social media accounts are another wonderful source of current news and updates, and evergreen information.  

links to all of our social media accounts can be found on our home page at

links to all of our social media accounts can be found on our home page at

Perhaps most importantly, you are not alone.  Use REUNIONCare to easily and effectively work with all of the care team members and healthcare professionals to create an effective Circle of Care team that gets engaged and stays informed, with the peace of mind that you are participating in their care - quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world.