• The Circle of Care engages adult children, minimizing lost wages and care burdens by sharing caregiver responsibilities
  • The Circle of Care reduces our senior's risk of social isolation.
  • You invite family, friends and care providers into a personal journey to support your elderly parents.
  • The standard Circle of Care subscription typically these seats are filled by roles including the Primary Caregiver, Primary Care Physician, Emergency Medical Contact, Power of Attorney, and other key family members.  
  • Anyone can easily and quickly create a Circle of Care, and it only takes a few, simply steps.  You may create a Circle for yourself, or purchase and create a Circle for a loved one on their behalf.



REUNIONCare Use Case

Connie had sent out a  REUNIONCare Alert My Circle message.  Connie's daughter, Sally, telephoned her mother just one minute after the text message was sent by Connie.  Sally detected a strange slurring of words and confusion in her mother's voice during their phone call.   Sally called her brother, Sonny, who lives the closest to Connie, to check on their mother.   When Sonny arrived he found his mother sitting in her favorite chair, but she seemed lethargic.  He approached her and could see that the right side of her face was drooping.  

Sonny called the 911 to get an ambulance.  Then he sent out a message on his REUNIONCare account so that all the Circle members were notified.

Connie Thompson was admitted to Hillside Hospital Emergency Department via ambulance.  The neurologist confirmed that Connie was experiencing a stroke.  She spent three days in the hospital till her health stabilized.  The Hillside Hospital Social Worker joined Connie's Circle of Care, so that she could coordinate her care with the family, caregivers and Connie's primary care physician.  

Hillside Hospital started their own REUNIONCare Provider Portal account so they could communicate electronically with Connie's Circle of Care.  REUNIONCare also sent an invitation to Connie's primary care physician to start the practice's Provider Portal to remain in active communication with Connie's Circle of Care.

The social worker met with the family during the hospital stay to evaluate her post-stroke needs and resources.  Connie is adamant about returning to her home. The social worker and family members reviewed Connie's REUNIONCare Ability Tracker and Environmental Assessments to realistically set the post acute care goals.   Sonny and Sally agreed to help their mother when she returns home if she is able to perform her activities of daily living with minimal supervision since both of them work.  They also discussed Connie’s  financial resources to hire a certified nursing assistant.  

The hospitalist recommended Connie be transferred to Lakeside Rehabilitation Hospital for evaluation and treatment prior to returning to her home.  The Hillside Hospital Social Worker worked with the family to coordinate the transfer of care to the Rehabilitation Hospital.  Upon her discharge and transfer, all of the Circle of Care members received a REUNIONCare Bulletin Board post notifying them of the transfer using electronic event notifications.  

REUNIONCare sent Lakeside Rehabilitation hospital an invitation to engage in Connie's care by creating a Provider Portal account.  Lakeside Rehabilitation joined REUNIONCare using the excel spreadsheet easy upload of the patients, clinical staff, vendors and suppliers - both the Medicare covered entities and non-covered entities - that they do business with on a daily basis.  

Connie's Circle of Care now has the ability to communicate instantly the interdisciplinary team caring for her at Lakeside.  The physical therapist made requests for easy to wear workout clothing for Connie’s gym sessions.   The occupational therapist reviewed the environmental assessments and Health and lifestyle goals on Connie's REUNIONCare account to inform the treatment plan set for her rehabilitation.  

The Lakeside Rehabilitation Hospital interdisciplinary team meeting notes were relayed to the family using the REUNIONCare communication tools.  The Lakeside Care Coordinator made recommendations of adaptive equipment and home modifications for Connie using the REUNIONCare vendors and shopping carts.  Each Circle of Care member received the same Bulletin Board message with these recommendations so they could be active members of Connie care team.  

After three weeks in Lakeside Rehabilitation, Connie was discharged to her own home with home based therapy provided by Tu Casa Home Care.  REUNIONCare invited Tu Casa to created their own Provider Portal to coordinate Connie’s transfer and engage her Circle of Care.  REUNIONCare connects Tu Casa Home Care to Lakeside Rehabilitation, Hillside Hospital, Connie’s primary care physician and all of the related health care professions, vendors and services.